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Custom Mouthguards in Crows Nest

Holding up clear mouthguard

Our custom-made dental mouthguards provide the best protection for your teeth. At our Crows Nest dentist, we use mouth casts to fit precisely into your mouth over your teeth, preventing or reducing the chances of being knocked unconscious, tooth and jaw fractures, concussion, or injuries resulting from the lower jaw impacting forcefully up into the upper jaw, during a collision for example.

Investing in one can save you the time, expense, and discomfort associated with cosmetic and restorative dental treatments. If you have crowns, veneers, or other types of prosthetic dental work, a mouthguard or splint is essential to protect your valuable smile. Anyone playing contact sports should wear one.

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What to Expect from Your Visit

Welcome to the practice. If you’re a new patient, please arrive early to complete paperwork. The dentist will speak with you about your need for a mouthguard, concerns you have, etc., confirm the pricing for the treatment, and turn on the entertainment so you can relax. We’ll take an impression of your teeth, and your oral appliance should be ready in 10 business days.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a guard and a dental splint?

A mouthguard protects your teeth, while a splint holds your teeth together to prevent harmful movement.

What is the difference between a custom mouthguard vs a mouthguard from the chemist?

A chemist mouthguard is not custom fit, not as strong, and does not offer as good protection or comfort.


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