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Teeth Whitening in Crows Nest

Teeth whitening before and afterDr Lindsay Chen (Dentist) often recommends teeth whitening as a fast, conservative way to help your smile look its brightest. At MySolutions Dental Clinic, we offer two types of this popular cosmetic service.

Why Consider Whitening?

A brighter smile usually looks younger and more attractive. Bleaching your teeth is a perfect cosmetic service on its own, or while preparing for other restorations on your front teeth.

If you have stain from drinking coffee or tea, or your teeth are naturally dark, professional whitening is an excellent way to change that.
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Your Consultation

Every teeth whitening session begins with a consultation. We can also assess your teeth during your routine checkup and clean. Depending on your oral health and if any dental work is visible, you may qualify for this cosmetic service.

ZOOM! Whitening (In-Office)

ZOOM! is an in-office whitening procedure that we complete in one appointment. When you arrive, we’ll prep your teeth and apply a professional, concentrated gel to your enamel. Then we use a bright light to activate the whitening process, oxidising deep stains in the microscopic pores of your teeth. This process is repeated a few times until we achieve the right level of brightness.

ZOOM! results can last for a year or longer.

Home Teeth Whitening

To whiten your teeth at home, we will fit you with a set of custom moulded whitening trays. Simply apply the professional gel as directed, and wear your kit once a day for up to two weeks. Each day your smile will get whiter than the one before.

You can also keep your whitening system on hand to touch up after your six-monthly checkups.

Keep Your Smile White for Years

Experience brighter, whiter teeth with professional care from your family dentist. Contact us today to reserve your consultation.
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Any invasive or surgical procedure may carry risks. Before moving forward, it is recommended that you seek a second opinion from an appropriately licensed medical professional.


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