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Full and Partial Dentures in Crows Nest

denture up closeIf you’ve lost multiple teeth and are looking for a solution, we offer a range of treatment options, including dentures, bridges, crowns, or implants based on your oral condition. At MySolutions Dental Clinic, Dr Lindsay Chen (Dentist) has a particular focus on prosthodontics, with over a thousand full and partial dentures crafted over the years. With her considerable skill and experience, you’ll receive a well-fitted denture and minimise the need for additional adjustment appointments.

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Step-by-Step Process: What to Expect

Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of what you can expect when getting dentures:

  • Comprehensive Medical and Dental History: We’ll start by understanding your medical and dental background to ensure we provide the right care.
  • Oral Examination: Our team will carefully examine your soft and hard tissues, checking for any periodontal infections or unstable teeth. We’ll assess the condition of the bone in the missing teeth area to determine the best approach.
  • Treatment and Restoration: If needed, we will remove hopeless or mobile teeth and restore decayed teeth. This ensures a healthy foundation for your denture.
  • Impression and Bite Registration: Once your mouth is prepared, we’ll take an impression and bite registration. This information will be sent to our laboratory to create a custom denture.
  • Try-In Procedure: We will assess if we will require a try-in appointment to ensure a perfect fit.
  • Final Fitting and Occlusal Adjustment: Once the denture is ready, we’ll fit it to your mouth and make any necessary adjustments to ensure a stable occlusal bite.

Benefits & Considerations

There are several benefits associated with dentures:

Restored Oral Function

Dentures reconstruct oral function, allowing you to chew and eat comfortably.

Improved Aesthetics

For patients who have lost anterior teeth, dentures can help recreate a natural-looking smile, boosting confidence in social interactions.

While dentures offer numerous advantages, there are a few things to keep in mind:


Some patients may have difficulty tolerating the alginate material used for impressions. However, we employ advanced technology such as intraoral scanners to provide a comfortable alternative.

Adjustment Period

Initially, having a foreign object, such as a denture plate, in your mouth may feel uncomfortable and affect speech or pronunciation. However, patients typically adjust to this change over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you recommend alternative procedures?

Depending on your specific oral condition, we may be able to offer alternative procedures such as bridges or implants. We encourage you to schedule a consultation with our team to discuss these options further.

How do you put nervous patients at ease?

We aim to ease your nerves during dental procedures with clear communication, a comprehensive examination, and follow-up appointments if needed for adjustments.

Does insurance cover dentures?

If you have insurance, most insurance companies will partially cover the cost of this procedure based on your individual policy. Our team can assist you in navigating the insurance process.

Let Us Restore Your Smile

We want to help you reclaim your smile! Contact MySolutions Dental Clinic today to book an appointment.


Any invasive or surgical procedure may carry risks. Before moving forward, it is recommended that you seek a second opinion from an appropriately licensed medical professional.


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