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Meet the Team

Wanlin Niu

Wanlin Niu, Dental Assistant

Wanlin was inspired to enter the dental profession, as teeth are a vital aspect of living.

You only have one set for the rest of your life. Treasuring and learning to take care of them should be critical for anyone who wishes to live happy and healthy.”

Currently, Wanlin is studying medicine at the University of Sydney and expects to graduate in 2026.
Always learning, Wanlin likes to dabble in a bit of every sort of learning. He has taken some courses in areas such as marketing, events organisation, and teaching. “Ask me some questions! I may be able to answer them!”

For Wanlin, the most fulfilling aspect of being a dental assistant is the idea that patients can go home with no more worry about their dental health. He finds it rewarding that patients can focus on the other aspects of their life as anyone would want. He believes life is busy enough, and teeth shouldn’t have to be at the forefront.

When he’s not working, Wanlin enjoys reading, playing tennis, planning events, and volunteering.

Sina Assadzadeh

Sina Assadzadeh, Dental Assistant/Receptionist

Sina chose to work in the dental profession, as he has a strong desire to learn, gain valuable experience, and make a positive impact by helping others.

He graduated from TUMS School of Dentistry in Iran in 2022 with a Doctor of Dental Surgery qualification, and has applied to get accredited as a dentist here in Australia. What Sina finds most rewarding about his work as a dental assistant is that every patient is unique, presenting a new and exciting challenge.

That adds to the fulfillment of supporting the clinic.”

He takes pride in being able to provide valuable support to the dental team, and help ensure that each patient receives personalised care Sina is fluent in Farsi, Turkish, and Azeri, and is learning Japanese in his free time. He also enjoys hiking and reading graphic novels when he’s not working.

Aiswarya Ramachandran

Aiswarya Ramachandran, Practice Manager

As a dentist overseas, I always loved dentistry, the art and science of it, and always wanted to help patients by ensuring they receive the best dental care.”

Ash enjoys the administrative and organisational aspects of managing our dental clinic, and finds fulfillment in creating a positive and efficient environment for both our patients and staff.

She possesses a Bachelor of Dental Surgery, which she earned in India in 2020.

Outside the practice, Ash loves to travel and explore new places and cultures!

Any invasive or surgical procedure may carry risks. Before moving forward, it is recommended that you seek a second opinion from an appropriately licensed medical professional.


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